Dashboard, Summer 2021

Below are the charts from the university’s COVID-19 dashboard as published during summer 2021. Switch to the current dashboard.

Vaccinations and Testing Data

People Vaccinated

Students and employees; at least one dose given. Includes off-campus vaccinations.


Weekly Vaccines Doses Administered by UHS

To students and employees

Chart summary: This bar chart begins on January 3, 2021. Weekly doses administered have generally been between 1,000 and 2,500, peaking the week of April 4 at about 2,700 and at a low of about 330 the week of February 21.

Weekly Vaccination Doses Administered by UHS

Positive Test Results by Week

Administered by UHS, beginning May 9, 2021

Chart summary: This bar chart begins on May 9, 2021. Total positive tests the week of May 9 were 1.

Positive Test Results from On-Campus Testing

Total Tests by Week

Administered by UHS, beginning May 9, 2021

Chart summary: This bar chart begins on May 9, 2021. Total weekly tests are about 2,000.

Total Tests administered on campus

Data Notes

Notable events

August 6, 2020: First campus testing site opens on Henry Mall

January 11, 2021: The spring semester testing program begins; first of 12 new testing sites open.

May 10, 2021: The summer testing program begins.

Campus COVID-19 info

Starting May 10, a green Badger Badge is no longer required to access most campus spaces. However, we expect all students and staff to maintain a green badge, as certain spaces and events may require one. Everyone, regardless of vaccination status, should continue to follow all health and safety policies including wearing a mask and practicing physical distancing.

About the Data

  • This dashboard features data from testing performed on campus of current students and employees.
  • The dashboard is updated by 2 p.m., Mondays.
  • Data from a previous day week change if additional information becomes available.
  • Questions? Email covidresponse@vc.wisc.edu

Accessibility Statement

UW-Madison is committed to creating an accessible and inclusive digital campus. The COVID-19 dashboard provides data to guide decisions for public health. If you encounter an accessibility barrier or to request an accommodation, please email web@umark.wisc.edu.