Public Health Marketing Toolkit

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact our campus and communities, we encourage all UW-Madison students, staff, faculty and alumni to practice recommended public health guidelines. To help, we’ve created a social media toolkit to encourage the behaviors we want the campus community to demonstrate. New for spring semester, the toolkit also includes resources that support the enhanced testing protocols and Safer Badgers app.

A few notes to keep in mind related to the image assets included in the toolkit:

  • The general public health social posts can be used with either the existing COVID response icons or by selecting an image from the collection provided by UW-Madison photographers.
  • The collection of images features a mix of student and administrator “models” that agreed to be photographed specifically for a campus public health marketing campaign. These images should only be used in communications related to public health or UW–Madison’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Please use the photos judiciously and be mindful of representing the range of identities that make up our diverse campus community when using the images. This includes but is not limited to:
    • If posting frequently, please use a rotation of images to avoid overuse of an individual image.
    • Avoid using these images outside their intended context related to promoting public health behaviors.
    • COVID-19 has affected all of us personally, academically and professionally, as well as physically, mentally, and socially.  COVID-19 is not specific to an ethnicity or race – disease does not discriminate.

General Public Health Posts

General Public Health Visual Assets

Safer Badgers Messages/Suggested Tweets

  • Use the Safer Badgers app to find where to get tested quickly, stay current for building access, monitor symptoms and know if you’ve been exposed to COVID-19.
  • Do you have questions about Safer Badgers? We have answers in these FAQs about everything from testing procedures to protecting your privacy to producing enough saliva.
  • For COVID-19 testing this semester, make sure that you have not had anything to eat/drink (even water), brushed/flossed your teeth, used mouthwash, chewed gum, or smoked at least one hour prior to your test.

Respect Statement

All members of the UW–Madison community deserve to feel welcome, valued and safe. We do not tolerate harassment and discrimination, and racist behaviors and stereotyping are inconsistent with the values of UW–Madison. The Office of Compliance and Dean of Students Office provide resources and reporting options for students, faculty and staff.