Parking details for Pyle Center

Parking lot: Lot 101 (View lot on campus map)

Parking sign with text reading Reserved Parking. COVID-19 Testing. Enforced at all times followed by icon showing car being towed.

Parking is available without cost to those coming to be tested at a UW COVID-19 testing site.

Lot 101 is located at the north end of N. Lake Street. The approximate street address is 652 N. Lake Street. The reserved parking area is made up of two temporary stalls along the west curb.

ONLY PARK IN DESIGNATED STALLS. Each reserved stall is marked with a special sign (see image). Regular parking rules apply if you park in areas other than the designated stalls, and you may be subject to citation and/or payment of any associated fees. Note: there are not closer available stalls than the designated reserved stalls, so individuals who need ADA parking can use the reserved stalls OR the signed ADA stall (with valid DOT disabled plate/placard).

Download Parking Map and Instructions (PDF)

Map showing designated COVID-19 testing and ADA parking spots. Read prior text for details.

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