Parking for COVID-19 Testing

The COVID-19 PCR testing location for Spring 2022 is at the University Club on Library Mall.

Madison Metro: Bus 81 stops at Park Street near the Humanities Building. See the UW-Madison campus bus schedule.

General Parking: Parking is available in nearby campus lots for a cost (view map). The State Street Campus Garage (a City of Madison facility) is free of charge if a vehicle is parked in the garage for 20 minutes or fewer.

ADA Accessible Parking and Entrance: Accessible (disabled) parking is available for no cost in Lot 105 (West side of Mosse Humanities Building) and Lot 107 (South of Chazen). See map below for reference. A UW-Madison accessible parking permit or state-issued disabled license plate or placard is required to park in these stalls. UW Transportation Services will honor state-issued plates and placards in these spaces during testing hours even though the signs state that a permit is required.

The university operates an Accessible Circulator Shuttle for individuals with disabilities needing additional assistance. Beginning Jan. 25, these shuttles will operate Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. The shuttles have a fixed route that stops close to the University Club on Park Street near the Humanities Building. If needed, individuals can also request a stop within Lots 105 and 107 (parking lots with accessible parking spaces). The University Club accessible entrance is approximately 500 feet from both of these lots.

The accessible entrance is located on the southwest alley side of the building facing the Mosse Humanities Building. Signage will direct individuals from point of entry to the testing site. The diagram below shows the pathways from the shuttle and campus bus stops to the accessible entrance to University Club.

Individuals with disabilities who need a reasonable accommodation may contact the following:

Parking and Accessible Entrance Map