With increased testing and technology, why are there not more in-person classes being offered for spring?

We recognize that some students desire more in-person learning opportunities and we’re working to provide that to the extent possible. Testing is one important tool for controlling the spread of the virus but it’s not the only tool. Physical distancing and limits on gatherings, particularly indoors, remain critically important.

Students will be returning to Madison in January from all over the country, including from many areas where cases are at very concerning levels – much higher than in late August. It is critical that we begin the semester as safely as possible – both to protect the health of campus and the broader community and to avoid another sudden shutdown like we experienced in September.

Course modality decisions continue to be made at the department level based on the learning outcomes of the course and input from instructors. The number of in-person classes varies across schools and colleges. Students have an opportunity during course registration to seek out courses in the modality of their choice.