Will COVID-19 testing be mandatory? For students living off-campus, too? Should students get tested before they come to campus? What if a student has previously tested positive? What about self-tests? How are positive tests being tracked?

  • Students living in the residence halls are required to get tested upon arriving on campus. For students living off-campus, we strongly encourage, but are not requiring, immediate testing.
  • Bi-weekly testing is required for students who live in University Housing (residence halls). For students who live off-campus, unlimited, no-cost testing is available. It is not required but it is recommended.
  • Students who have previously tested positive can report this information in their MyUHS account at https://myuhs.uhs.wisc.edu/login_dualauthentication.aspx. Once logged in, click “Messages,” “New Message,” “COVID outside reporting” to share lab results. Students can also report by calling 608-890-0000. Follow the prompts to report. Additional questions? E-mail him@uhs.wisc.edu.
  • In cases where a student has previously had COVID and continues to test positive, that student may be required to isolate until they can provide UHS with records from their healthcare provider.
  • Every day a student (or faculty/staff/visitor) plans to be on campus, that person is requested to first access our online Health Screen tool to check for possible COVID symptoms. This takes most people less than 1 minute.
  • Self-testing is an option that campus is looking into; however, we will not be requiring this at the start of the fall semester. If self-testing becomes available to students, we will communicate specific guidance to students and provide support.
  • Data on the numbers of positive and negative tests is available on our COVID-19 dashboard. These data include all students tested on campus, whether they live in the residence halls or off-campus, as well as those tested at off-campus sites in Dane County.  Students tested outside of Dane County are requested to report their results.  UW contact tracers will follow up with those who have a positive result.