Why are unvaccinated students and employees required to participate in weekly testing?

The continuing high rate of infection due to the delta variant makes this expanded testing requirement necessary. We continue to plan for a fall semester of in-person classes and other activity. Required testing for those who are unvaccinated, combined with required masking and strong participation in vaccination on campus, should allow us to have a more normal semester than last fall.

Unvaccinated people are at the greatest risk of contracting and spreading COVID-19. The breakthrough rate for those vaccinated is currently less than 1% of the vaccinated population. By testing those who are unvaccinated, we increase our odds of identifying COVID-19 cases and limiting spread to others, including other at-risk unvaccinated people.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that vaccinated people only test if they have symptoms or a known exposure, but that unvaccinated people continue to participate in surveillance testing. We will continue to monitor testing guidance and following the recommendations of public health experts.

The university is constantly monitoring the COVID-19 health and safety situation and will determine how long to require testing based on assessments of the changing conditions, including federal guidance, state and local public health conditions, and campus safety.