Where can I get vaccinated?

Assuming supply is available, you can get vaccinated by the following entities. To maximize your chances of finding vaccine quickly, please check both on and off campus. Find a provider near you. For vaccine-related questions and support with the Wisconsin Department of Health Services vaccine registry, call (844) 684-1064.

  • The Wisconsin Department of Health Services vaccine registry
    Public Health Madison & Dane County and others are offering appointments to people who sign up through the DHS registry. Vaccines are given at the Alliant Energy Center by appointment only. Transportation is available for those who need it — more information about this service is provided when an appointment is made.
  • University Health Services
    UW–Madison employees and students can make appointments through the MyUHS portal.
  • Your health care provider
    Check with your provider about vaccine availability.
  • Pharmacies
    A growing number of pharmacies, including many national retailers, are now offering vaccination. Check the DHS website for a list of participating pharmacies and information on how to make an appointment.
  • Community-based vaccination clinics
    DHS is operating community clinics in several counties. Any eligible Wisconsin resident can be vaccinated at these sites, though keep in mind wherever you get your first dose, you will need to get your second dose at the same location.