What should I do if I think I received a false positive COVID-19 test result?

If you test positive for COVID-19 on campus, you should trust this result and isolate yourself immediately to prevent spreading it to others.  Learn more, including who to call if you have health questions.

The chances that you receive a false positive result are extremely low. Both the nasal swab and saliva-based tests at UW–Madison this spring are PCR tests. PCR is the gold standard diagnostic test for COVID-19.

Do not attempt to get another test at a campus testing site. If you arrive at a campus test site with a red status QR code (which is different than your Badger Badge), staff will permit you to retest only if you have clinical documentation from UHS. Without this documentation, which UHS will grant only rarely, you will not be permitted to retest.

If you have concerns about your test result, you should email UHS at uhs@uhs.wisc.edu