What should a student do if they develop symptoms? Whom do they notify? What if it’s at night or on a weekend, will testing sites still be open?

  • We encourage students to use the UW-Madison online health screening tool every day that they plan to be on campus. It will provide further guidance from UHS for anyone whose responses indicate possible COVID symptoms. The screen takes most people less than 1 minute to complete.
  • If a student is in Madison and develops symptoms, they should contact University Health Services at 608-265-5600 before coming to the clinic. They should try to self-quarantine, practice good hygiene, sanitize high-touch or commonly used surfaces, and continue to monitor their symptoms until they can be evaluated by a provider for specific guidance.
  • If a student contacts UHS outside of normal business hours, they will be connected to the 24/7 nurse advice line.
  • Locations and hours for our campus-based testing sites.
  • The Madison and Dane County public health office is also offering free testing. Locations and hours.