What is the current requirement for mask wearing on campus?

All students, employees and visitors to campus are required to wear masks when inside campus buildings, regardless of COVID-19 vaccination status.

  • Residence halls: Residents and visitors are expected to wear a face-covering at all times while outside of a resident’s room. Face coverings must be worn while in hallways and common areas such as dens and kitchens, restrooms, and in the lobby. Face coverings are not required when it is not conducive to performing a task (i.e. brushing your teeth, showering, eating, drinking, etc.)
  • Work spaces: Masks may be removed if you are working alone inside an office or lab
  • Meals: Masks may be removed while actively eating and drinking but should be promptly put back on when finished
  • Outdoor spaces: Masks are not required, but may be worn if you wish, on the Terrace and other outdoor spaces adjacent to buildings
  • Vehicles: Masks should continue to be worn on Madison Metro buses and should be worn in campus vehicles when two or more people are present
  • Medical accommodations: Students who have a medical condition or disability that affects their ability to wear a face covering should request a reasonable accommodation. Employees who have a medical condition or disability that affects their ability to wear a face covering may request an accommodation; contact your Divisional Disability Representative.

Please note that, as required by federal law, Madison Metro Transit continues to require all bus passengers to wear face coverings at bus transfer points, shelters and throughout boarding, riding and leaving the bus.

Per CDC guidance, multi-layer cloth or disposable masks that have a nose wire and fit properly over your nose and mouth to prevent leaks provide the best protection against the spread of COVID-19.

We will continue to monitor COVID-19 transmission rates on campus and in the community and will revisit our mask policies as the public health situation warrants. This does not impact our policies or plans regarding return to work on campus, events and physical spacing.