Other than the infected individual, who else will receive notification of a positive COVID-19 test result through the Safer Badgers app, and what data will be shared?

When users of Safer Badgers receive their COVID-19 test results through the mobile app or accompanying website, the results are transmitted from the health care provider in charge of the tests. (On the UW–Madison campus that provider is University Health Services). The notification is encrypted in transit and decrypted on the user’s phone. The test result is also saved in an encrypted form in our secure database in case users need to access their data from a new device or the accompanying website. No other party but the user can decrypt the test result sent in the notification. The Safer Badgers app will not share an individual’s COVID-19 test results information with anyone.

Laboratories that conduct COVID-19 tests are required by law to submit all test results to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, which is managing the response to the epidemic. Summary statistics of testing data are shared with the public on a dashboard. These statistics are used to manage the COVID-19 pandemic on campus and may be used for research in the future.