My test came back “invalid,” “inconclusive” or “rejected.” What does that mean?

If you received any of these results, you will need to get another test. Your Badger Badge will not update until you receive a valid test result.

Invalid results typically occur when a sample is submitted but cannot be adequately tested.

If your test was rejected, it may be because your saliva sample was contaminated, discolored, or you provided too much or too little liquid saliva.

Contamination can occur for a number of reasons – most commonly due to eating or drinking, flossing or brushing your teeth, using mouthwash, chewing gum, or smoking within 60 minutes of your test. We encourage you to rinse your mouth thoroughly with water at least 60 minutes before your test and then refrain from any of these activities before your test.

A couple of hours before your saliva test, drink water to ensure you are well-hydrated when you arrive for your test. (Again, do not drink anything in the one hour before your test.)

You will be asked to provide between 1 and 1.5 milliliters of saliva, following the instructions provided to you at the test site.