I’ve previously tested positive for COVID-19. Do I need to participate in on-campus testing?

You are exempted from engaging in testing for 90 days after a positive test. After the 90-day period ends, you must follow the campus testing procedures.

If you were tested off campus before the spring semester, you must submit proof of a positive PCR test, including the lab result and the result interpretation, via the Safer Badgers app. To be verified, off-campus results should include your name, date of birth, collection date and test type. A letter from a physician or county public health may also be acceptable. The test should be a diagnostic, PCR-based test. Results will be reviewed by UHS by Jan. 25.

Prior positive on-campus test results are being imported into the Safer Badgers app and will be viewable by Jan. 25.

Your Badger Badge will remain yellow until your result has been reviewed by UHS (off-campus results) or imported into the app (on-campus results).