Is my health information being disclosed when I show my Badger Badge?

No. The Badger Badge does not reveal your health status (such as whether you have tested positive for COVID-19). It simply indicates whether you have access to campus buildings.

Having a Badger Badge indicating “building access denied” (with a red “X”) does not mean you have tested positive for COVID-19. A badge can indicate “building access denied” for several reasons: being a first-time user of the app, failure to record a negative test in the time period required, getting a positive test, being in isolation/quarantine, or self- reporting symptoms.

The red and green colors used to indicate “building access denied” or “building access granted” on the Bader Badge screen are different from the red/yellow/green “status” colors used in other parts of the app. A red status means the user has tested positive for COVID-19. App users do not need to show their status to anyone, only their badge.