I live outside Madison and need to be on campus only occasionally or not at all. However, I’m still being notified that I need to test regularly. What should I do?

If you have received a letter suggesting you are out of compliance, know that we are in the “warning” stage; you are not at risk of permanent disciplinary consequences at this point. You will have an opportunity to explain your situation through the COVID-19 Testing Exemption Form.

A reminder that undergraduates who live in central Madison must test regularly, even if they are not coming to campus. This is not a reason to seek an exemption. For details, please see the FAQ “I’m an undergraduate. I live off campus and I don’t come to campus. Why do I have to be tested?”

For those who don’t live in Madison, the most helpful thing you can do is make sure your current local address is up to date in MyUW Student Center.

For any other reasons you feel you should be exempted from testing, please fill out the COVID-19 Testing Exemption Form. This form is intended for students who are seeking an exemption or alternative to the University’s COVID-19 testing requirement for a reason unrelated to an underlying disability or medical reason. Examples of situations that could qualify for an exemption: you enrolled in an in-person or hybrid class but the instructor has switched it to entirely online; you are still enrolled in an in-person or hybrid class but have been given permission from the instructor not to be on campus; your course of instruction requires you to be on campus only on rare occasions.