I am having a hard time producing enough saliva for my test. Do you have any tips?

In order to run a COVID-19 test on your saliva sample, you will need to contribute about 1 milliliter of drool. It is best to arrive for your test well-hydrated, though remember you should not eat or drink, smoke, brush or floss your teeth, chew gum, or wear lipstick or chapstick in the hour before your test or your test might come back “rejected.”

  • Try building up saliva on your walk or drive to your test, and as you check in. It also helps to think about foods you like to eat while you are submitting your saliva sample. Think about sour foods like lemons.
  • Slide the tip of your tongue along your gums behind your teeth to stimulate your salivary glands and deposit this saliva in the funnel.
  • Avoid swishing saliva in your mouth or pulling saliva from the back of your mouth.

Be careful not to overfill the tube, too. If this happens, it’s best to ask a member of the test site staff to start again with a new tube.