How will travel restrictions impact my plans to return to campus?

Reports of the newly identified Omicron variant have made global travel conditions even more uncertain. Many countries, including the U.S., have restricted entry due to this news, while awaiting more definitive information on the variant’s risks. The CDC updated its guidance to reflect new restrictions specific to entry to the U.S. and you are encouraged to read these pages in their entirety prior to departure as students and employees who traveled internationally may be unable to reenter the United States in time to begin the spring semester as planned.

If you traveled internationally, you should become thoroughly aware of all travel restrictions and guidance that may impact your travel back to Madison. Global travel restrictions are likely to change in the coming weeks, so you are highly encouraged to monitor conditions and guidance both before and throughout any travel. Each U.S. embassy website offers a COVID-19 page, and this is a strong starting place to access updated information. Although the embassy’s webpages are specific to traveling U.S. citizens and permanent residents, it will provide good information for others as well. Reviewing the destination country’s foreign ministry website and reviewing its many COVID-19 related links is also highly advised.