How will participants in the UWSISP (employee surveillance program) be tested? Will their testing in that program suffice?

Participants in UWSISP can continue to test through this program and satisfy campus testing requirements this spring.

To do so, you will need to create a Safer Badgers account through the Safer Badgers app. The Safer Badgers app should reflect your UWSISP status. Please note that any negative test results will not appear in the Safer Badgers app.

In order for you to enter campus buildings, your Badger Badge will need to indicate “building access granted” (with a green checkmark).  The badge does not share any personal health information. Your badge will continue to indicate “building access granted” as long as you test accordingly in this study and meet other requirements, such as not being in quarantine following potential exposure to COVID-19.

If you miss a scheduled  test or unenroll from this study, you will be enrolled in standard campus saliva-based testing program. You would then need to be tested at least every eight days to retain access to campus buildings.