Given the university’s face-covering requirement, are microphones available for instructors of in-person course sections?

All classrooms that are large enough to normally require a microphone already have a microphone system with a communal clip-on pickup element.  Instructors can safely use this equipment, practicing proper hand hygiene before and after such use. This equipment should remain in the classroom.

Instructors who have a documented accommodation need and/or who have a student in their class with a documented accommodation need that requires a microphone, will be contacted and provided with the necessary equipment.

Instructors can take the following steps to determine if they need additional microphone equipment and how to obtain it:

Determine what equipment, if any, already exists in the room(s) you are teaching in by visiting the room(s) in person or contacting the department that controls the space. You can also consult this list of General Assignment classrooms and compatible equipment to determine if you already have access to compatible equipment or not.

If a room you are teaching in does not have the necessary microphone equipment and/or you do not have access to compatible equipment for a room, contact your department to request additional equipment.