Are emeritus faculty/staff expected to comply with the faculty/staff testing requirements?

If you are able to log in to the Safer Badgers app using your UW-Madison NetID and password, then you are eligible for Safer Badgers COVID-19 testing and will be able to use your Badger Badge to access campus facilities. If you can access the app and have a business need to come to campus, you should follow the testing and building access requirements.

If you are not able to log in and have a business purpose for coming to campus, you have two options:

  • Follow the policy for campus visitors – Testing is not required. However, during your visit you must be escorted by the person with whom you have business (or a designee).
  • Request to be added to the list of people eligible to test on campus – The request should go to the director of the unit that awarded the emeritus status. If the director determines the emeritus faculty/staff member has a business need to come to campus regularly, the unit director should send a message to the account with the unit name and the name and NetID of the individual for whom they are requesting inclusion in the testing program and access to the Safer Badgers app.