Are course field trips allowed in Fall 2021? What safety protocols should be followed for course field trips?

Course field trips are allowed in fall 2021. Instructors should be aware of the following:

General Rules

  • Students cannot be required to disclose their vaccination status.
  • Participants should be encouraged to abide by the “recommendations” that apply to them based on their vaccination status.
  • Those who are unvaccinated should do the following:
    • Wear a mask at all times
    • Social distance where possible (to reduce their risk as much as possible)
  • Those vaccinated should not have restrictions other than those mandated by states, counties, districts and businesses, which are usually related to community transmission in the location.
  • Anyone with symptoms should NOT attend field trips.
  • Anyone in an active isolation or quarantine should NOT attend field trips.

Additional information on campus travel is available here.


  • Vehicle: When traveling in vehicle, all participants are required to wear a mask regardless of vaccination status.
  • Public Transport: When traveling on public transport, masking requirements are based on the transportation service (it is highly recommended to wear a mask at all times since these vehicles have limited air flow and can result in prolonged exposure).

Additional Considerations

  • Pay close attention to the COVID cases and transmission level of the destination (all are measured by total cases per 100k persons in the past 7 days)
    • High: > or = 100
    • Substantial: 50–99
    • Moderate: 10–49
  • In areas of High or Substantial transmission, those who are fully vaccinated should wear a mask in indoor settings or outdoor settings where physical distancing is not possible.

Individuals traveling domestically for business purposes should also follow the University Travel Policy.