An hourly employee takes vacation time of one week or more (e.g., leaves work on a Friday, takes vacation for the next work week, and returns the following Monday). Because the employee will be away from the workplace for a period of more than 8 days, the employee will need to test prior to returning to on-site work on Monday. The employee will have to test during non-working hours (e.g., Sunday) in order to be in compliance before returning to the workplace on Monday. Is the employee in paid status when testing under this limited circumstance?

In this limited circumstance, hourly employees who work on-site receive 2 hours in paid status to test on campus during their non-working hours, subject to the following:

  • The employee must be tested at least 24 hours prior to their return to the workplace to ensure that test results are complete and that the employee’s Badger Badge status is “building access granted.”
  • This paid time must be pre-approved by, and coordinated with, the employee’s supervisor.
  • If an employee tests during non-working hours and does not have pre-approval to do so, the employee will be paid only for the time they are at the testing site (e.g., if the testing process takes 30 minutes, the employee will be paid only for those 30 minutes of work time).

If an employee is not in compliance upon their return to the workplace and is denied building access, they must notify their supervisor that they cannot work in-person because they do not have building access. Their supervisor will help them to determine whether it is possible for them to work remotely or to change their shift to allow additional time to be tested and obtain building access.

If working remotely or changing their shift is not possible, they may request and utilize earned paid leave bank time or leave without pay (if they do not have earned paid leave bank time) until they are able to obtain building access.