Although I am fully vaccinated, I (or a household member) have a health condition that puts me (them) at greater risk of serious illness if I (they) contract COVID-19. I am not comfortable being around unmasked people unless I know they are fully vaccinated. What can I do?

As of Sept. 1, 92 percent of employees and 88 percent of students are vaccinated. This high level of vaccination, combined with the requirement for masks to be worn indoors, means that we have a robust level of protection on campus and fewer members of our population will experience severe infections caused by COVID-19, compared to areas with lower vaccination rates.

In addition to wearing a mask indoors, as currently required, you may also continue to wear a mask outdoors if you wish. If you have specific concerns related to a medical condition that someone in your household has, please speak with your Human Resources representative if you are an employee or check in with the Dean of Students Office for support if you are a student.

Please note that employees are not entitled to accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) for a family member’s underlying medical condition.