Weekly Briefing, May 6, 2021

The seven-day positivity rate is 0.1% for both employees and students. Since April 29, 18 university members have tested positive out of more than 17,000 tests; 52 tested positive the week before.

COVID-19 vaccines are now readily available on campus at the Nicholas Recreation Center, including to families of employees and students and the general public (age 16 and older). Make an appointment now. Appointments are preferred but not required, though since only Pfizer is available to 16 and 17-year-olds, UHS recommends this age group make appointments to ensure availability.

As of this week, 13,551 employees (70%) have at least one dose of vaccine and 13,079 (68%) are fully vaccinated. At least 21,825 students (48%) have at least one dose and 17,659 (39%) are fully vaccinated. As the student population changes during the summer, the number of students who are vaccinated may fluctuate.

Already vaccinated? Make sure to let UHS know by uploading your vaccine record. This helps inform campus for future planning and also ensures you a green Badger Badge without the need to test.

Starting May 10, a green Badger Badge will no longer be required to access most campus spaces. However, we expect all students and staff to maintain a green badge, as certain spaces and events may require one. Free testing will remain available at three sites on campus. But the easiest way to maintain a green badge is to get vaccinated. A green badge is required for students attending commencement on May 8.

Although we have seen significant progress in vaccination and stable or decreasing case and hospitalization numbers in Dane County, it remains critical that all members of our community — including those who are fully vaccinated — consistently follow public health requirements: test regularly; wear a two-layer (or greater), well-fitting face covering; avoid gatherings; and clean hands frequently. A combination of high vaccination rates and public health best practices is the best way to significantly reduce cases and resume more normal activities.

Campus policies requiring wearing masks indoors, as well as outdoors except when exercising and maintaining six feet from others, remain in effect.

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