Briefing, September 24, 2020

Test results: There are 32 new positive tests reported from campus testing today, all students. Twenty-six students and no employees tested positive from off-campus testing sites. The percent positive rate for students tested on campus today is 2.6 percent. The 7-day percent positive rate for students tested on campus is 4.6 percent.

Campus status: Beginning September 26, UW–Madison will resume some in-person activities, included limited in-person instruction and some operations in the Unions, Dining, Badger Markets, Recreation and Wellbeing, and Libraries. The number of positive cases has declined over the past two weeks and we have seen a reduced positivity rate in campus testing. However, we must continue to take steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19, which include monitoring symptoms daily, using a face covering, practicing physical distancing, and limiting gatherings.

Housing: On September 23, the quarantines of Witte and Sellery halls were lifted. Starting the week of September 28, all Housing residents will be tested weekly. Housing residents have received additional information, including requirements and expectations to protect the health of the community.

Testing and health: Since early September, we have nearly doubled the number of campus contact tracers, and we continue to hire more. Students and employees are expected to respond to contact tracers or face disciplinary actions. All university members are expected to adhere to all public health protocols.

Testing appointmentsTesting appointments remain available Monday through Friday and new appointments are released daily. Individuals should check all campus testing locations in the MyUHS portal to find the earliest possible appointment.

Isolation and quarantine: As of this morning, 403 students are in on-campus isolation and 115 are in Housing quarantine, in addition to those in many fraternity and sorority chapter houses. Currently, we are able to provide quarantine and isolation space for Housing students as needed. Read more about quarantine, isolation and testing follow-up procedures.

Hospitalizations: We are not aware of any students or employees hospitalized with COVID-19 at this time. Students and employees are not required to disclose if they are hospitalized, or to provide updates on their condition, but we will report any hospitalizations we are aware of on this dashboard.

COVID-19 in our community: Public Health Madison & Dane County is tracking cases in the community and monitoring whether campus cases have spread into the community. A large proportion of positive test results in the first two weeks of September, both from on-campus and off-campus testing, were linked to UW–Madison students.

How to stay safe: Physical activity is important to maintain your health and boost your mood. Different sports carry different levels of risk based on the amount of close, sustained contact. Regardless of the kind of physical activity you choose to participate in, you should continue to wear masks when participating with other people and all participants should maintain 6 feet of physical distance. Read FAQs on how to safely stay active.

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