Briefing, September 2, 2020

Today’s results for on-campus testing show an increase in positive tests among students and in the positive test rate. Of the 49 positive student tests reported today, 17 are for students living in residence halls and 32 are for students living off-campus. The positive test rate for today’s results is 3.1 percent; the 7-day average is 1.7 percent.

Move-in testing is now complete and biweekly surveillance testing of residence hall students has begun.

As of September 2, 13 students are in on-campus quarantine and 13 are in on-campus isolation. The majority of residence hall students who tested positive or were exposed to the virus have chosen to return home for their quarantine or isolation period. Read more about quarantine, isolation and testing follow-up procedures.

The university has expected an increase in positive cases as students return to Madison and settle into new routines.  The university continues to work with students to explain the expectations for behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic. Most students are doing the right thing ­– wearing face coverings when socializing with people who are not their roommates, physically distancing and avoiding parties, and practicing safer behaviors at protests.

Staff have also encountered students and registered student organizations that are not following university requirements and are taking disciplinary action with the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards and University Housing. For individuals who have intentionally behaved in ways that risk the health of our community, the university is pursuing disciplinary actions that could result in discipline up to and including the revocation of housing contracts and emergency suspension. Registered student organizations in violation also face a range of sanctions up to and including suspension and termination.

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