Briefing, October 7, 2020

Test Results: There are 10 new positive COVID-19 cases reported today from campus testing sites, 9 students and 1 employee. One student and 1 employee tested positive from off-campus testing sites today. The percent positive rate for students tested on campus today is 0.7 percent. The 7-day percent positive rate for students tested on campus is 0.9 percent.

How to stay safe: Wisconsin continues to have a very high number of COVID-19 cases reported. To help stop the spread of the disease, everyone should stay home as much as possible and maintain physical distance and wear a mask when around others.

UHS has information on signing up for a flu shot on campus, which is free with proof of insurance. Off campus, the vaccine is available through primary care providers and at many pharmacies, grocery stores and big box retailers. Find an option near you.

Testing appointments:Testing appointments remain available Monday through Friday and new appointments are released daily. Individuals should check all campus testing locations in the MyUHS portal to find the earliest possible appointment.

A new pedestrian and drive-up testing site is now open at the Porter Boathouse, located near the intersection of Babcock and Kronshage drives. The Henry Mall testing site has closed.

Isolation and quarantine: As of this morning, 12 students are in on-campus isolation and 29 are in Housing quarantine, in addition to those in fraternity and sorority chapter houses. Read more about quarantine, isolation and testing follow-up procedures.

Hospitalizations: We are not aware of any students or employees hospitalized with COVID-19 at this time.

COVID-19 in our community: PHMDC reports a total of 10,713 positive COVID-19 cases since February. Health data shows a majority of cases are people in their teens and 20’s with 2,771 cases in the 10-19 age group and 3,621 positive cases reported for those in the 20-29 age group. In addition, 52 of the 400 hospitalizations in Dane County involved teens or young adults.

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