Briefing, November 3, 2020

Test Results: There are 8 new positive COVID-19 cases reported today from on-campus testing sites, 7 students and 1 employee. No university members tested positive at off-campus testing sites. Community testing at the Alliant Energy Center is closed Sundays and Mondays so results won’t be available until tomorrow. The percent positive rate today for students tested on campus is 2.7 percent; the 7-day percent positive rate remains at 2.0 percent.

Voting and COVID-19: Today is Election Day.  Polls will be open until 8:00 p.m.  To minimize delays, check for voter preparation tips. If you are voting in person, be sure to wear a face covering if possible, stay at least 6 feet from other people while waiting to vote and wash/sanitize your hands before and after voting.

If you’re in Wisconsin and you have been told to quarantine or isolate by a medical or public health worker, you can designate someone to help you vote. Choose someone who is eligible to vote (they must be a U.S. citizen, at least 18 years old, have resided in Wisconsin for at least 28 consecutive days, and not currently serving a felony sentence, including probation/parole) to be your “agent.” They can go to your municipal clerk’s office to pick up an absentee ballot, bring it to you to fill out, and return it to the clerk’s office. For more information on how to do this in Madison, call the City Clerk at (608) 266-4601.

If you’re having symptoms of COVID-19 but haven’t been directed to quarantine/isolate, you can ask to vote curbside at your assigned Wisconsin polling place. A ballot will be brought out to you. For more information on how to do this in Madison, call (608) 266-4601.

Campus Testing appointments: Testing appointments remain available Monday through Friday, and include pedestrian and drive-up options. Check all campus testing locations in the MyUHS portal to find the earliest possible appointment.

Isolation and quarantine: As of this morning, 31 students are in on-campus isolation and 27 are in Housing quarantine. Read more about quarantine, isolation and testing follow-up procedures.

COVID-19 in Wisconsin: Health officials report record deaths, hospitalizations and positive cases of COVID-19 across Wisconsin.  Learn what you can do to help stop the spread.

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