Badger Pledge for Students

The global COVID-19 pandemic requires that we prioritize our collective health and safety and that we take extraordinary steps to keep ourselves, our campus, and our community safe. As a University community, we must work together to prevent the spread of the virus and to promote the collective health and welfare of our campus and surrounding community.

Together with my fellow Badgers, I pledge to:

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  • Face coverings must be worn on campus at all times and in all places (both outside and inside), except by students in their assigned residence hall rooms; by employees when alone in a private, unshared lab or office; when traveling alone in a private vehicle; and when exercising outside in a way that maintains 6 feet of distance from other people. Face coverings must be worn when traveling outside with other people. This policy includes individuals who have recovered from COVID-19. Exceptions will be determined on an individual basis, considering reasonable accommodations due to a documented medical condition.
  • Follow CDC guidelines and wash my hands often, avoid close contact (within 6 feet), properly cover coughs and sneezes, and adhere to cleaning expectations in personal and shared spaces.
  • Follow specific guidance on seating and furniture use and course syllabi expectations in classroom or shared spaces and limit the sharing of materials (papers, books, writing utensils, calculators, etc.) with others.
  • Attend and/or host gatherings minimally, including student organizations, in compliance with University and local guidelines.
  • Comply with and keep informed of University and local policies, postings, and Smart Restart updates related to COVID-19, as well as CDC travel guidance and restrictions.
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  • Monitor myself for any symptoms of COVID-19. (UW–Madison offers a COVID-19 health screen tool.)
  • Stay home if I am feeling ill with COVID-19 symptoms or another illness.
  • Follow medical advice and cooperate with contact tracers if I test positive for COVID-19.
  • Report a positive test result from health care providers outside of Dane County to University Health Services on one of three ways:
    1. Upload your positive result to MyUHS (go to Messages/New)
    2. Email
    3. Call 608-890-0000
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  • Appreciate that promoting health means respecting others by educating myself around issues related to this pandemic, including understanding that the University may be required to make exceptions to safety measures for certain individuals or situations.
  • Recognize that there may be consequences for intentional and/or repeated violations of these expectations.
  • Become familiar with University resources and seek assistance to support myself and others during this challenging time.

As a University, we commit to:

  • Be guided in our actions with the health, safety, and welfare of our faculty, staff, students, and visitors.
  • Make policy decisions affecting the University based on the best available information.
  • Inform the University community of relevant information and policy changes in a timely manner.
  • Promote the policies and expectations of the Smart Restart initiative through the robust allocation of human and financial resources.
  • Provide sufficient resources for cleaning, sanitizing, physical distancing, individual protection, free testing, tracing, and training.
  • Be flexible with in-class attendance for students to stay home when they are ill.
  • Support the mental and medical health needs of our students.

Accommodations and Exceptions

Students with a disability or medical condition should apply online with the McBurney Disability Resource Center to request a face covering accommodation. Students who would like to request an exception aside from disability or medical reasons may contact the Dean of Students Office.

Request Accommodation Request Exception

Student Violations

Students who intentionally or repeatedly violate the Badger Pledge expectations can be reported through the student misconduct process.

Report Misconduct

Respect Statement

All members of the UW–Madison community deserve to feel welcome, valued and safe. We do not tolerate harassment and discrimination, and racist behaviors and stereotyping are inconsistent with the values of UW–Madison. The Office of Compliance and Dean of Students Office provide resources and reporting options for students, faculty and staff.